Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Amber Caught Lying Under Oath! NEW AUDIO and VIDEO!

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This new video and audio was first reported on by the Daily Mail. It is from Amber’s 2016 sworn deposition, taken just before Amber Heard dropped her domestic violence allegations against Johnny Depp.

Amber has repeatedly testified that she only hit Johnny one time during their relationship. We already know that’s a lie, but here is a very crucial point in her deposition, in which she willfully commits perjury, lying under oath about it.

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Amber Heard’s First Audio Confession to abusing Johnny Depp:

Amber Heard tells Johnny Depp nobody will believe him:

Amber Admits to Multiple attacks on Johnny Depp:

Twitter: @ThatBrianFella

Daily Mail Article:


  • For those saying they should have just taken a break if she was going to just sit there and eat. This was actually right after a panic break by her and her team in which she was initially asked if she ever committed acts of domestic violence against Johnny. In retrospect I don't know why I didn't add it to my video. I might put it up on my twitter if you want to check it out. Or I'll use it as a brief follow up during my next video. Thanks for watching! – IA

    Incredibly Average March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • Love all the looking around while her brain is searching for lies to make.

    octipuff March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • I’m sorry, I almost cannot watch this hideous person. She is reprehensible. I am feeling such loathing for her.

    Michele Davis March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • If she gets away Scot-free I will lose faith in the justice system.

    Cherrybomb March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • I understand why Disney cancelled Johnny. With people like this in the real world, we don't really need anymore movies depicting detestable, evil people anymore. Not when we have Amber Heard in real life to watch.

    LGFUAD March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • She’s soooo done for!

    Ani Vai March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • What a lying, evil bitch. Throw her in jail.

    Stacy Sankar March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • Can she please just be fired from everything so we never have to see her again? The way she smiles every time is disgusting. What an awful human being.

    hiddenemberz March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • Her family must be SO PROUD of her …. lies, manipulation, lack of humanity. So proud. Wow, honey. You’re such a star! A worthy human being. 🤢 said no parent of Amber (no ones) Heard (of anything you’ve ever acted in). I pray she gets the mental health (shock therapy) you so desperately deserve.
    Run Johnny run and stay away from these crazy people!

    Yosemite Jen March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • Poor Johnny. :((( my heart hurts from this.

    fluffyrainbow clouds March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • How is Johnny the abuser when amber has suffered literally no injuries, when Johnny suffered many times serious serious injuries.

    張泰銘 March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • “Did you attack this man?”
    Lawyer “ThAts irReliVant”

    CHloE748 March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • Oh my god, this is so rehearsed. Her entire testimony is so rehearsed.

    張泰銘 March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • After listening to the clip where it's established he's in the bathroom and she's trying to get in she still lies about trying to get out of a room. I hope justice gets served.

    Michael Patterson March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • She looks so detached from her story, and she doesn't seem like she's remembering the horrors of "her being abused." She doesn't even seem traumatized.

    sup3rbious Kae March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • A cow chewing her cud.

    Deb Peck March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • She doesn't even make sense! 🙁 Poor Johnny. To be abused and then have his name dragged through the mud as she lies.

    Josie Are-see March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • This bitch is disgusting. The smiles and waving off of the playback of events makes me wish this woman gets every strain/mutation of covid 19.

    Young Grizzly March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • I have a major issue with her eating. I knew from the very first recording that came out, she was setting him up setting her phone up. Terrible acting in that set up. Never believed her. Back to her eating. Unless you are highly hypoglycemic I have never been in a proceeding that would allow that. I hear a judges voice. Even if, its a deposition, you do not eat, lawyers dislike you to lengthen a deposition. I just had to do a deposition last week and there are do's and don'ts. I cannot believe she is getting privileged allowances in a court proceeding. It's embarrassing to watch her act like a 14 year old. Most judges would threaten contempt of court right?. Stop eating. Sit up straight. Young lady are you taken these proceedings seriously. Those are a few things I would expect the judge to say. And the whispering?! They are telling her how to answer! Johnny was not treated this gently. She is a narcissist and her actions and words all are typical. Narcissists think only of themselves and believe they are right. I cannot believe johnny fell for this flake. She seriously damaged his career and loves it.

    Mary Larrimore March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • He is in the bathroom. How are you escaping for the bathroom?

    K.D. Rolls March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • i just want to strangle her lawer

    celeroon89 March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • also im not sure if people notice, doors generally open inwards, into the room. so it's pretty much impossible to hit someone with the door if they are on the outside…. just saying. So at least i don't think she was trying to escape into a room…

    Kelcifur March 21, 2020 4:31 am Reply

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